The USPS is under attack by the Trump administration. This is not a partisan opinion, this is a statement of fact. This is terrifying, considering our increased dependency on voting by mail in the upcoming election. This is also terrifying, considering how many remote, rural communities in this country are without reliable wifi or cell service and depend on the USPS for communication. And this is additionally terrifying for small businesses like ours, who depend on the USPS more than ever, as we pivot almost exclusively to online sales while our own store and all of our stockists have been closed during the shutdown. The USPS is, quite literally, the only lifeline we have left in this increasingly bleak year. If the USPS goes under, we will too.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?? I'm so glad you asked.

1) BUY STAMPS. No joke! Stock up on stamps now. You can buy a book of 20 stamps for just $11, or a roll of 100 stamps for $55. There are so many good (and some bad) designs available, and stamps can play an important role in educating and spreading awareness of important causes and historical moments.

2) BUY OUR USPS POSTCARD PACK. We teamed up with three other designer buddies to create this love letter to the USPS. Each pack contains four PRE-STAMPED postcards and a bonus factsheet about all the cool stuff the USPS does.

3) TEXT "USPS" to 50409 to sign the "Support the USPS" letter and send to your elected officials.

4) READ UP ON WHAT'S HAPPENING AND INFORM YOUR FRIENDS! Here is an excellent article that breaks it all down, and provides some useful links with more info.

There is so much to be angry about these days, so much that needs changing. I understand that saving the USPS probably doesn't seem as important as, say, dismantling systemic racism in this country. But it's all related. The USPS is a system of access and communication. It is democratic at its core. And when it comes to the election this year, it may very well allow folks to vote who might not otherwise be able to stand in line at a polling station, whether due to health concerns, work obligations, or the myriad other reasons so many folks cannot easily exercise their right to vote in person.

Let's do our part to save this essential service from becoming yet another casualty of the greed and corruption of this administration. (Now that was partisan opinion AND statement of fact).