Thanks for your interest in an internship at Power and Light Press!

We would love to find out more about your experience, interests, and expectations to make sure we’ll be a good fit, and get a sense of how we might structure your time here.

Diverse experiences and viewpoints are important to us. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply! Experience with printing is appreciated but not required to be eligible for an internship position - the desire to learn is most important!


Please submit the following in PDF format to jamie@powerandlightpress.com

  • a Cover Letter explaining your interest in the internship along with your preferred start date and end date

  • a list of your 5 favorite print shops / print artists / print projects

  • optional: 5 images of your personal work - may include prints, posters, cards, writings, broadsides, books, or other creative materials

  • your answers to the below questions:


- What are you most interested in learning about while you're here? Printing and other production processes, design, creating a product line, running a product-based wholesale business, other?

- Do you have any experience with letterpress?

- What kinds of equipment do you have experience with?

- What interests you about letterpress printing?

- How did you hear about Power and Light Press?

- What interests you about Power and Light Press?

- What do you hope to get out of your internship here?

- Any other goals you have for your time here?

- What are some of your favorite bands, books, podcasts, etc?



- How many hours per week are you available?

- We are not currently able to provide housing, but can try to help you find something



- We request a minimum one month commitment, so you can really learn the ropes of the shop.  Three days/week is ideal, which then leaves some time for you to find outside part time paid work, if necessary.  This town doesn't have a ton of job opportunities, but we can try to help you find additional work if you let us know what sort of stuff you're up for.

 - In exchange for your work at the shop (and once you're sufficiently trained on the equipment), we can offer access to the presses so you can work on your own projects on your own time.  This has worked out well for other interns in the past, and they've been able to work on art projects, or even pick up additional income by printing wedding invitations or other custom work - whatever you're into.

- One of the biggest and most important requirements for any intern is that you have a strong sense of independence - both in your work ethic at the shop, and also in your general attitude towards life.  This is a small town in a remote area and, while there's actually a (relatively) sizeable population of active, engaged young (and old) people, it's not exactly a thrill-a-minute kind of place... If you love hiking, hot springs, wide open spaces, time to yourself, and weird old hippies and cowboys, then you'll fit right in here.  If you crave social stimulation, Starbucks, and a bustling nightlife, then it might not be the best place for you.  We love living here, but it’s certainly not for everyone so we want to make sure you know what you're getting into!


Please let us know what other questions you have for us - we’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Thanks so much!

Kyle & the Power and Light Press crew