Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

Was: $45.00
Now: $25.00

This homemade hot sauce kit includes the signature spices and essential tools you'll need to craft two artisanal blends. These versatile condiments are a breeze to make: you can start during the week and serve your handcrafted hot sauces by the weekend. The flavorful sauces are perfect partners for everything from burgers and steaks to scrambled eggs and Bloody Marys—or use them to spice up your favorite Asian and Latin dishes.

  • Initial prep only takes about ten minutes, then all you need to do is let your sauces age for at least three days.
  • Make small-batch hot sauces using two distinctive spice blends.
  • Forager's Blend is a vibrant sauce with deep notes of red berries and woodsmoke.
  • Grove Blend is a bright, flavorful sauce with fresh hints of citrus and herbs.

Kit includes:

  • 1.06 oz. Forager's Blend spice mix.
  • .88 oz. Grove Blend spice mix.
  • Two 4-oz. reusable glass hot sauce bottles. 
  • Fine mesh strainer.
  • Stainless-Steel funnel.