Back in 2011-2013, I (Kyle) traveled around the country in my 1982 Chevy Step Van that I had converted to a fully functional print shop, visiting small towns and big cities, and spreading the good word about printing the old fashioned way. I was on a mission to share the craft of letterpress with anyone willing to listen, while also exploring the outer limits of my own creativity and sense of adventure. The original "Moveable Type" tour spanned 11 months, 47 states, 2 Canadian provinces, over 37,000 miles, 190 cities and towns, and countless flat tires and empty gas tanks. Several shorter tours followed prior to parking the truck in my yard in 2013 for what I thought would be for good. But sometimes you just can't see what's up around the bend.

In the summer of 2019, I replaced some parts and scraped off some rust and hit the road again for a short tour through NM and CO, but then broke down in Las Cruces, NM in 100 degree heat and had to throw in the towel. After extensive repairs, I was able to bring the truck back to life and began booking a six-month tour throughout the Southeastern United States. I hit the road in February 2020 but, three weeks into that tour, COVID descended upon us all and changed our lives forever. Needless to say, I currently have no plans for a future tour until it is safe to travel and gather together again, but I really hope to make it happen at some point.

Third time's the charm?