Tiny Post Offices

Going to the post office is a big part of my job.  In my travels this past year, I had to stop at a lot of post offices along the way, to fill orders and send postcards.  I was smitten by the tiny ones I encountered in small towns all over the country, and so I recently made a bunch of drawings in their honor.  I’ve set up a Tumblr called, curiously, tiny post offices.  I’ll be adding more drawings all week and, in a month or so, I plan on producing a line of letterpress printed postcards based on these drawings.  I’ll have those available in my Big Cartel shop whenever they’re ready.  Til then!

3 Responses to Tiny Post Offices

  1. Hi Kyle!
    I’m so excited that you will be doing an event with Third Street Books this month. (My former place of work; oh how I miss them!) I admire your work a lot (Especially the WTFWJD card) and I am super bummed that I can’t be there. I look forward to seeing you in the Seattle area sometime!


    • kyle says:

      aw, thanks Anna! I’m really looking forward to visiting 3rd Street – wish you could be there! I plan on being up in Seattle in December for the Urban Craft Uprising show… hopefully I’ll see you there!

  2. John says:

    Saw your post offices print at Site: Lab in Grand Rapids, MI earlier this evening. They are wonderful. Good luck with your opening, keep up the good work, and think about visiting us up here in the north, ideally in the summer.

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