(three of) 25 Cities

hand-set wood type on recycled paper


Just finished printing a trio of posters for Avery Anthology‘s 25 Cities project.  The theme is… cities!

Specifically, the 25 biggest cities in the country.  Did you know that Charlotte, NC is among them?  And, actually, according to some data I’ve seen, Vegas isn’t in the top 25.

Regardless, Avery Anthology just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their next publication – way to go, guys!

These posters will be given as rewards to some of their backers.  They will also be available for sale to everyone else through the Avery website and through my Etsy shop.


Go check out this publication – they do beautiful work.

One Response to (three of) 25 Cities

  1. Nicolette Kittinger says:

    It’s true! Vegas is NOT in the top 25.

    We extended the list to the 30 largest and got rid of some cities in California and Texas for reasons of regional diversity. So, that’s how we got Vegas. I think it was a fair trade 😉

    The posters are wonderful, and so are you!

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