Project Update!

You guys keep showing up to stand tall with Planned Parenthood and you continue to inspire and humble me with your stories. This week we were able to send in a check for FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, which is a number I’ve never had a reason to write out before. Thank you. See you in DC this weekend! #istandwithpp#wewontgoback

Bags are still available for pre-sale and we will continue to make donations to PP going forward!

IF YOU HAVE ORDERED A BAG AND HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT ITS STATUS, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER AND/OR THE EMAIL YOU USED TO PLACE YOUR ORDER!! I have sent out several updates by email already, and it helps us out SO MUCH if you first check to see if they are hanging out in spam. We have received over 12,000 orders and I am responding to questions as fast as I can, but please help a girl out by first looking in your spam filter! If you still don’t see anything, then please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you so much!!!