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A Letterpress Homecoming:Moveable Type Returns to Portland by Ifanyi Bell
Letterpress maven Kyle Durrie, owner of Power and Light Press, recently returned to Portland after an adventure that epitomizes the idea of “taking the show on the road”.
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Taking Type to the Streets by Linzee Kull McCray
These days, travel is all about packing light. If you can’t fit it into a carry-on bag, then chances are you don’t really need it, right? Not so if you’re Kyle Durrie, proprietor of Power and Light Press and driver of a refurbished 1982 Chevy step van, dubbed the Type Truck. Read more.

The Economist

Have Press, Will Travel by Glenn Fleishman
Journeyman printers lived up to their name. They travelled. From Gutenberg’s trainees in the 15th century, knowing how to set type and print from it has been a peripatetic profession. Itinerants usually brought with them their skills, not gear. Read more.

Bust Magazine

Just My Type: Letterpress Artist Kyle Durrie Hits the Road with Her “Moveable Type” Project by Phoebe Magee
“Two of my favorite things in the world are printing and road trips,” says 32-year-old Kyle Durrie. So last June, the Portland, OR-based letterpress printer transformed a former linen truck into a letterpress workshop-on-wheels for a project she calls “Moveable Type”. Read more.

Sunset Magazine

Mobile Everything: Food-truck fever has spread to shops, with florists, dress boutiques, even letterpress stores on wheels.
Kyle Durrie, owner of Portland’s Power and Light Press, travels the country in a Chevy van outfitted with an 1873 tabletop press, teaching letterpress workshops and selling cards and posters. Read more.

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Power and Light: Letterpress Lives in Portland by Ifanyi Bell
Even though our world is moving further and further into the digital space, letterpress printing — which involves movable type, ink and a press — remains a vibrant fixture in Portland. And Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press is not only an advocate for the trade, but a phenomenal and dedicated artist. Read more.

Modern in Denver

Destination: Inspirationby Cara Hines
Kyle Durrie has owned and operated her Portland-based printing studio, Power and Light Press, for 2.5 years. Enter Dustin, Kyle&squo;s musician boyfriend, who as most musicians do, goes on tour from time to time. It was during one of these trips on the road with Dustin— Read more.


Moveable Type Truck by Jon Hall
In July 2011, Kyle Durrie and her mobile letterpress studio she calls Moveable Type visited Make Good in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego.


Friday Interview: Kyle Durrie! by Kristin Crane
Happy Friday, everyone! I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s artist, Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press. Read on to learn more about Kyle, and about her cross country road trip in a portable letterpress studio. Her truck will roll up to Craftland’s curb on October 14, so save the date! Read more.