Moveable Type is on the move!

Moveable Type has hit the road!  You can follow along over at the other website, if you’re so inclined:

There you’ll find an up to date tour schedule and other details about the project.  I hope to sync up that blog to this page at some point, but this will have to do as a placeholder in the meantime.

Thanks for visiting!

One Response to Moveable Type is on the move!

  1. Hi there Kyle,
    I’ve been really enjoying watching your project take off. I’m a book designer at the University of Massachusetts Press and a bookcrafter/hobbyist.
    I live in a small community in southern NH and there are a bunch of us interested in your trek across country. We’re wondering if you’d be interested in coming through and making a stop. You may receive more requests from our Local Art Association the Sharon Arts Center but I wanted to let you know we are quite intrigued, interested, and looking forward to the possibility of a MOVEABLE TYPE TRUCK STOP. . . All best, Sally Nichols

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